Heaven's Crush

by Jason Clark

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There is one truth that burns in me, one purpose I’m designed for, one hope that won't disappoint; God is love, His love is always good, and I exist to become sure. I have stood in Loves downpour, Heaven’s Crush. And I have been transformed by Loves great passion.

These four songs are the first I’ve recorded in eight years. They reminisce yet are full with promise - an invitation to live more sure neath Heaven’s crush.

I am so excited to share them with you!"


released March 15, 2014

Drums - Eric Perry & Elijah Mosely
Bass - Nick Mayer & Grayson Berkowitz
Electric Guitars - Nick Mayer, Scott Crowder, Brandon Berg & Ben Canon
Keys - Jackie Baker & Scott Crowder
Acoustic - Jason Clark & Jacob Early
Background Vocals - Madeleine Clark & Jacob Early
Gang Vocals - Karen Clark, Aimee Perry, Madeleine Clark, Sarah Bellaire, Eric Perry, Nathanael Whittenburg, Nathan Dowdy & Josh Kelley, KC Clark, Julie Clark, Grayson Berkowitz, Jacob Early, Josiah Clark, Lloyd Clark, Mary Clark, John Hogan, Melody Hogan, Scott Crowder, Charissa Crowder, David Reynolds and Brandon Berg.

Produced - Jason Clark
Co-Produced - Ben Canon
Engineered - Ben Canon & Jacob Early
Mixed by - Jacob Early & Elijah Mosely

Heaven’s Crush - Some lyrics were adapted from "I Love You Lord" by Laurie Klein

Grace - Some lyrics were adapted from "Come Thou Fount" by Robert Robinson

There are so many who helped in the funding of this album and I want to thank each of them.

The Gaeta’s, the Helderman’s, Elizabeth Strayer, Nancy Bishay, the Crowder’s, the Vinkes, the Squyres, the Early’s, the Roberts, the DeLancy’s, the Carver’s, Jon Mayfield, Esther Adkins, Peter Scheller, Angel Barreto, the Sullivan’s, the Shores, the Chambers, Danny Greene, James Neal, the Collins, Mark Fisher, the McNaney’s, the Jestus’, the Fletchers, the Schroeder’s, the Head’s, the Clarks, the Smiths, the Prin’s, the Avery’s, the Hussmann’s, the Johnson’s, the Perry’s.

Without you all this album wouldn't have been possible.

Special thanks to everyone who worked on the album. Eric Perry for always encouraging me and helping get this project started. Ben Canon for giving, heart, soul, and lots of time, and for believing in and with me. Jacob Early, I love everything you do, and Elijah Mosely for your quick and generous help to release the best version of this record.

So blessed by friends and family who believe in us and have played such an amazing role in our lives. Thank you!!



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Jason Clark Charlotte, North Carolina

Jason Clark is an aspiring believer, a fledgling revivalist, a fellow traveler who's learning to be loved and to love, to believe in greater measure and live greater works.

Jason is a singer/songwriter, and author.

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Track Name: Heaven's Crush
I love you Lord, I lift my voice
To worship You, oh my soul rejoice

I’m consumed neath heavens crush
You are here, Your glorious
With joy my king I worship You
Let it be sweet, sweet, sweet to Your ears

Its easy to love You, its easy to lift my voice
It’s easy to raise a song and let my soul rejoice
Its easy to love You, its easy to sing Your fame
I wanna give You all cause You're my everything
Track Name: Grace
Love, You struck my shame You took my place
I came as a sinner, left as a saint, Grace

I hear the redeemed singing, songs of Grace
With flaming tongues above, I’m transformed in heaven’s crush
Holy remade

Now I feel You here with me
Now I see the way You see

This is my hallelujah song

Love oh perfect Love, my Fathers gaze
I came as an orphan, left as a son, Grace

I hear the redeemed singing, songs of Grace
With flaming tongues above, we’re transformed in heaven’s crush
Holy remade

And I feel You here with me
And I dream the way You dream

This is my hallelujah song

Call for songs of loudest praise
Tune our hearts to sing Thy Grace
This is our halelujah

Fix our eyes on things of above
Mount of Thy redeeming Love
This is our halelujah
Track Name: Becoming Like You
I’ve been Your echo, I’ve been Your shadow
But my heart is to know You so I can be Your voice

I’ve stood on mountains, I’ve knelt in valleys
From glory to glory my heart will always be Yours

I'm becoming like You
I’m becoming like You
Its the cry of my heart my King
That I’d display Your majesty

I'm becoming like you
I'm becoming like you
Let Your love be all I know
Till Your glory becomes my own

Oh, let Your glory come down
Let Your goodness surround
We’re singing

Oh, this revival sound
Its shaking the ground
Can you feel it

…Its transforming us
Track Name: Remember
This is my story, sprung of my soul
A whirlwind glory, a fire in my bones
All the laughter and wonder breathed from our lungs
As Grace builds to thunder such a fiery love

In the measureless I’m dreaming
This is why I live and breath
So remember me Jesus, here while I sing
Oh, oh, oh

Your love is revival; it’s shaking the ground
All this glory is coming down; this glory is coming down
Such a deafening sound

And we feel you moving through us
This is why we live and breath
So remember us Jesus, here while we sing
Oh, oh, oh

We lift our songs, rising up
A wild fire, a holy love, is coming down